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Handling Discrimination to yourself and as others discriminate you!!

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Handling Discrimination to yourself and as others discriminate you!!

I myself sometimes struggle with negativity plus I feel like I'm hurting myself because I don't have a strong self esteem. There comes a point where people look down on you it doesn't matter who you are with or what skills you have there will be someone there who will always hate you. You got to stacked up your personality and physical well being with some qualities and if there is a lot of discrimination from where ever you go like school and other places and it feel's like you can't fit in. Just remember "you won't stand to lose anything you'll only stand to gain".

I've been through all of that even if you are the most hated person in the internet I believe you can handle all the hate just like this youtuber I know Double4anime. And another point is that I actually model myself after a anime character name yusuke urimashi, other american actors, people I look up to and productive people out there. It feels like I'm learning from others and making myself pass through every struggle waiting ahead. Give yourself hope and healthy mood by doing that I believe fitness can help give you the right healthy mind set. Through sometime you will be able to reinvent your whole physical well being. Always think about hygiene and appearance to attract yourself with other people. I know people will always look down on others and not like them but just remember your not jesus and it's hard to like everyone so keep up with the positivity everyday.

To this day I still feel negative inside but maybe that negativity to yourself and others keeps you away from talking to people maybe it's just social anxiety. I have a lot to learn and so do you.

don't be like this

Be like this

Life can feel like this in a way like a like grudge to yourself or as others see you

Maybe you should just strengthen your relationship to god and become christian
Utilize that mind set, increase your endorphin, depomine and become the best you build up skills and talent so you can pleasure over it!!

You will see the Holy spirit hit you in a righteous way!!

Improve your cognitive and confidence you will pleasure over it and you will pleasure over yourself

If you want to be beatitude work on it

What a Face I want to be beatitude What a Face

Use your pain as a instrument for your greatest growth!!

You won't stand to lose anything you'll only stand to gain!

Three grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for!!

When you spend time loving and rewarding yourself, you will likely see benefits in other areas of your life. Extend your horizons.

Does it feel like some people will always hate you like does it feel like it will go on forever then just forget about it think about you think about how you will contribute your happiness to society. I know it hurts because I'm been going through the same thing I want to heal myself from it looking at myself I see how can some people not like me. You shouldn't care about that care about your mental health and physical well being. Joking around with others is ok but taking it over board like making yourself into a lot of trouble can damage your reputation with others and society. Do not make drama with your life handle yourself and make joy out of it. Well it doesn't matter what you do just keep this beatitude feeling within you practice getting to that feeling to enjoy life and pleasure over it.

Does it seem like everywhere you go you are with the people you don't like. It can feel like your going in a serious state. But just remember that's how life is. Reality can be cruel what I would tell you is make your own environment where you can connect with people and not stick with toxic people those people are stressful. Make a option to that theory to your life and just be you.


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